Users and audience
Professional tax preparers and bookkeepers from multi-service and single service firms, and sole proprietors.
Roles and responsibilities
Design lead for Canadian Tax and support for the UK Pro Tax product. A driver of the E2E experience for the online experience. Here are some of the recent features we’ve launched:
Family returns and pension splitting
Linking family members in one return view to simplify the workflow and filing of a family return.

Forms Expert (FX) filing  
Module for FX forms which includes a wide range of your clients’ needs with a comprehensive suite of forms, worksheets, and information slips.

Our pay as you file solution for trailers.
T3 Trust Return filing
Including the T3 Express supporting the most common data entry fields including beneficiary information in one place.

Pro Tax Labs
Our in product feature testing for customers to launch and learn from our experiments and early-stage features. Customers can choose to use and share feedback to help us build products together.
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