Picture this...
You just bought your new super fancy coffee maker. You’ve can’t hardly wait to try it. Ok, so let’s look at the paper manual. There is a lot of information with small writing and drawings. This is going to take time so you toss the manual in to that drawer with all the other forgotten manuals. You decide to wing it and hopefully it won’t break. 
Our Goal
Redesign the post purchase customer experience. By replacing the traditional PDFs and paper manuals with media diverse product learning tools to support customers across customer devices.

Our Process
In our discovery phase we spent time understanding manuals intimately. Understanding what the consistent patterns are and how to break it down in an easy to understand way.  
We also looked at who do we want to partner with. As a team we chose to focus on companies with lots of products like baby products and appliances.
A prototype is worth a thousand meetings. We were able to connect with one of the biggest manufactures of appliances. Our contacts were impressed with our initial prototype. Getting to know them and their needs we were able validate our decisions and iterate with our partner. All the while we tested often with our selected consumer demographics.
The solution: informedy
A modular design system that could is scalable and flexible for many types of products. Making it easy for consumers to understand their product through intuitive content like quick start guides, interactive product diagrams, how-too videos, repair guide, and more.  Making a lot of content searchable to consumers who just bought the product or researching their next purchase. And allowing companies to connect with their customers in the post purchase experience with ways to replace and replenish based on product type.
Early on we identified that we need to make a CMS (content management system) as part of the informedy experience. So we can allow for a mass amount of digital manuals to be cost effectively, quickly, and consistently.
My Role
UX Design
Visual Design & Interaction design
Prototyping & Testing
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