The Solution

The engagement doc manager feature is a single place to attach, collect, and organize all of the documents associated with your engagement - within the same ecosystem. No more transferring files back-and-forth between various computers, drives, or proprietary software packages. Access everything - from files, to cloud links from one place. Providing Complete Confidence and time savings.
The Process

We went broad and then narrowed in on a solution. We talked to 23 accountants and bookkeepers throughout the project duration during all phases of the project lifecycle. In research we did a combination of IDIs (in dept interviews), surveys, and reached out to our accountant Facebook to our super users for additional insights. Form our research ideas were sketched and then translated ideas into low fidelity wireframes for our Document manager. The low fidelity designs were then tested with customers and iterated through Rapid prototyping. Eventually narrowing in on a high-fidelity design solution that our customers rated a love metric of 10/10.

“Exactly how I envisioned it. Something outside of accounts and tied to accounts. Thank you for sharing this. It gives me more confidence in using this product.”

‘Wow, I wasn’t expecting you were heading in this direction.’
My Role
UX Design
Visual Design & Interaction design
Rapid Prototyping & Testing
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