The Solution
Workpapers Grouping and statements in the QBOA accountant ecosystem. It Provides a way for accountants to simplify their financial statements and attach references for compliance purposes - all within QBOA. Adding this functionality in-product reduces app-switching - which typically wastes time and increases errors.
The Process
The customer is at the heart of our process and solution. Throughout the project we talked to 3-4 customers a week through all phases of the design lifecycle. We stared with IDIs (in dept interviews), a survey, 1 follow me home where we observed how customers create financial statements. Through this research phase we gained customer insights and then sketched and then translated ideas into sevarl low fidelity wireframes. Wireframes were then tested with customers and iterated through Rapid prototyping. Eventually we narrowed in on one high-fidelity design solution that is grouping and statements that best solved our customer problem.

The Results
Our customers can group and organize the way they want their compilation engagement to look and at the click of a button they can generate compilation engagement export in a minute. We heard from our customers that their year-end work can take 8+ hours including the creation of financial statements being a large part of that. With Grouping and statements, we went back to our customers and heard from them that their year-ends are now less than 4 hours for a year-end. Our customers are happy and have more confidence in our product. One customer personally told us they bought 200 QuickBooks subscriptions for their firm because of Workpapers grouping and statements.
My Role
UX Design
Visual Design & Interaction design
Rapid Prototyping & Testing
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